Your Doctor Might Not Know This

doctor-medical-medicine-health-42273It’s a sad reality that in the United States and many other westernized countries doctors know very little when it comes to nutrition.
Most doctors end up becoming medicine prescribers instead of true healers. 
It’s not their fault. 
Most medical schools hardly touch on the subject of nutrition. As a result, doctors know little when it comes to healthful eating. 
Instead they unknowingly become spokespeople for the latest pill.
Does your doctor know what healthful eating is, or is he/she just repeating what was told they should be recommending?
Fortunately there are a group of medical men and woman who, based on hard medical evidence, are recommending a well-balanced plant-based approach to eating and living.
The good thing for you and me is that this information is readily available for us to use and benefit from.
Recently, a new publication titled “Plant-Based Diets: A Physician’s Guide” was published by Kaiser Permanente which provides an overview of the many benefits of plant-based diets as well as details on how best to achieve a well-balanced, nutrient-dense meal plan.
I have included the article in this e-mail for your reading pleasure. I Hope that it will give you better insight into properly planning your meals for vibrant health and energy.
Who knows maybe one day you can offer healthful eating advice to your doctor!
Have a positive day,
Luis Medrano
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