Too Fat to Breathe? Say What!

photo-1433878455169-4698e60005b1Oxygen is such an important factor in our lives but how many times do we actually sit and think about it?
Hardly at all right?
Most of us take this precious thing for granted and don’t realize that the air that we breathe and the oxygen that is carried by our blood though our whole body is literally life force.
It isn’t until people begin to have breathing problems or issues with oxygen transport that they being to think about it.
It shouldn’t be that way! 
Almost always, breathing problems are linked to excess weight and obesity.
Too much fat in the abdomen and other areas in the body slows down airflow and this can cause conditions such as sleep apnea. 
Heard of it? Look it up. It ain’t pretty.
Too much fat also means a slow transport of oxygen by the blood to the crucial areas of your body. 
By far one of the best ways to breathe your best is through consuming a whole foods plant based diet.
Of course exercise and other factors play a role too but what you put in your mouth is of extreme importance. 
Think of it this way, fatty foods result in a ketchup-like consistency of your blood. Healthy low fat plant foods lead to a wine-like blood consistency. 
And blood is what carries oxygen to all your cells and organs.
What would you rater have, sludgy ketchup or free flowing wine?
If you want to shed weight, sleep better, and breathe at your best then increase your intake of fresh raw whole fruits and vegetables.
Here’s to better breathing and deep restful sleep.
Have a positive day,
Luis Medrano
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