A Cheat Meal to Keep You Sane

If you want to stay sane on the healthy path of eating and living then may I recommend that you “cheat” every so often.

What do I mean?

Stay consistent with your healthy eating routing but also allow yourself a break every once in a while.

When I say cheat meal I do not mean go eat an entire pizza all by yourself! Although I have been guilty of that in the past!

Instead, allow yourself to have something you otherwise wouldn’t eat any other day.

Can you have a “healthy cheat meal?” Of course you can!

For example, a veggie burger with chips, some mock meats, or a good meal at a restaurant qualify as a cheat meal for me.

Most of the time I focus my diet around fresh fruits and vegetables with an addition of some nuts and seeds, all made at home.

Occasionally I want to eat out and treat myself and although the food is still relatively healthy it is more processed and cooked than I would normally eat.

This helps keep me happy and sane and I recommend you do the same, just don’t over do it ok?

Go ahead treat yourself, you deserve it!

Have a positive day,
Luis Medrano

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