1 Tip to Start Your Morning Right

photo-1443131307017-4097c8ac7763I’d like to share one tip with you that if you begin to implement will jumpstart your mornings and make you feel ready as ever for your day.
This is essential part of the vegan and raw vegan lifestyle, or any really for that matter.
What is it?
Lemon water!
Yes it’s that simple but very effective for energizing your morning and giving your body what it needs first thing in the morning.
Think about it…
At night your body rests and heals for 7-8 hours taking in nothing but air. 
It only makes sense that first thing you should give your body after getting out of bed, besides a good yawn and stretch, is water.
Doing this you will find that your body flushes you out, completely hydrates you, helps you shed some pounds, and primes your body to take in whole solid foods later in the day.
Are you a coffee drinker?
I’m not saying to let go of your coffee, just do this first before anything else. You’ll be glad you did.
How much should you drink?
I recommend you squeeze half a lime or lemon into 1 quart of liter of fresh room temperature water. 
As an added benefit of starting your morning this way, you will find that it will be easier to enjoy a healthy meals throughout your day.
You’ll begin reaping all the benefits of raw vegan foods in no time!
So start doing this today, you will be glad you did.
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